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The seminar was full of useful information. We immediately set to work the child attachment strategies that very same day and noticed changes with our children.

Cammie Duong-Woo

Anxiety Course Review

Thank you for putting on a fantastic, informative seminar. I feel like i left with a great deal of resources and strategies that I will be able to use on a daily basis.

Colleen Mackenzie Kellner

Childhood ADHD Seminar

This course helped validate the things I’m doing right, gave me tools and an understanding of what I can do better as well as helped so much in understanding how ADHD and the brain work. I love my son so much and truly believe in his intelligence and how special he is. I met wonderful people who have the same faith in their children. I would attend any more seminars in our area in a heart beat. Thank you for helping me feel I am not so alone in this journey.


Childhood A.D.H.D Workshop/Course

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