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"The seminar was full of useful information. We immediately set to work the child attachment strategies that very same day and noticed changes with our children."

Cammie Duong-Woo

Anxiety Course Review

"Thank you for putting on a fantastic, informative seminar. I feel like i left with a great deal of resources and strategies that I will be able to use on a daily basis."

Colleen Mackenzie Kellner

Childhood ADHD Seminar

"This course helped validate the things I’m doing right, gave me tools and an understanding of what I can do better as well as helped so much in understanding how ADHD and the brain work. I love my son so much and truly believe in his intelligence and how special he is. I met wonderful people who have the same faith in their children. I would attend any more seminars in our area in a heart beat. Thank you for helping me feel I am not so alone in this journey."


Childhood A.D.H.D Workshop/Course

The quality and quality of information was so useful. Tammy ability to make a difficult topic like childhood trauma as easy to digest as possible. 

Anonymous (Victoria, BC)

Childhood Trauma

"Thank you so much. You gave us so much to think about in how we interact with our son. I have honestly noticed a difference in his behaviour, his interactions with his siblings, and the way we are approaching his anxiety"

 Brandi. L

Childhood Anxiety

"This session opened my eyes to what is going on in my stepson 's brain. How my efforts to help at this point have been somewhat futile and me feeling exhausted has changed to me feeling recharged gaining a new perspective- I am now armed with the proper tools to help us both navigate this journey with anxiety.”

Elizabeth S

Childhood Anxiety

"Thank you for offering this course. I felt like it tied up some loose ends and gave me more perspective on my life. For that, I will be forever grateful. "

Anonymous (Winnipeg, MB)

Chilhood Trauma

"Thank you so much for sharing your kindness, understanding and knowledge with us yesterday.  Your deep knowledge about the anatomy of a child’s brain helped me understand my son better and relate to him in a way I thought was not possible prior to this workshop.  Thank you for giving me the tools that will help me get my little boy back and help him develop into a resilient and healthy teenager"

Ana Valencia

Childhood Anxiety

"Wow, the best ever workshop I've ever attended in my whole career, thank you for visiting Calgary! Tammy, you have answered all the overwhelming dilemma I see in the children's, family, and the world's system of techno these days. Thank you for standing & advocating for what you believe in the world of social media of the children. Hope you will have another date like this here in Calgary so I can refer it to all the parents, caregivers, teachers I know. I will for sure shout to the world the answer to all the questions (like what I have) of the modern world of human kind in the gadgets today. More power to you & your team!"

Mahler Vitug

Childhood Anxiety

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