Dr. Lexie Kite

"Addressing Girls Low Self-Esteem & Body Objectification"

In this video Dr. Lexie Kite, addresses one of the reasons girls have such low-self esteem after 8 years of age: BODY OBJECTIFICATION.

Don’t miss Dr. Kite  at our conference in April where she  will be teaching a half-day workshop on Female Body Imgae.

Co-authors of “More Than a Body” and identical twin sisters, Lindsay & Lexie Kite, PhD, will present “To Our Girls: Your Body Is An Instrument, Not An Ornament.” In their dynamic presentation, the Kites use original research and personal anecdotes to teach their unique approach to body image education and building resilience against objectification. Their work centers on the truth that positive body image isn’t believing your body looks good, it’s knowing your body is good, regardless of how it looks. This refined definition of positive body image provides the foundation for their work to arm people with the tools to build resilience in a culture that objectifies and commodifies bodies. Whereas approaches like body positivity and body neutrality can feel short-sighted, impractical or unachievable in a culture that values women as bodies first and people second, the Kites’ approach centers on helping people build Body Image Resilience – a practical and continuous process of facing body shame triggers and responding in strategic ways that reconnect you to your body and your greater sense of self.

Dr. Lindsay Kite and Dr. Lexie Kite are identical twins, best-selling authors, and international speakers. They are co-directors of the non-profit Beauty Redefined. They both received PhDs from the University of Utah in the study of female body image and have become leading experts in body image resilience and media litera

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