Who We Are

Learn about our team & our motivation behind making a positive difference for children

Our Vision

Our founders, Tammy and Tania, are Registered Psychologists, Registered Play Therapists, and most importantly, moms. The Institute of Child Psychology was created by a shared passion to empower parents and caregivers to help children lead emotionally healthy lives.

Our Mission

ICP was founded to educate parents and professionals on issues pertaining to children’s mental health, and to promote the psychological and emotional well-being of children and adolescents.
Our mission is to empower caregivers (i.e., parents, teachers, therapists, social workers, psychologists) by giving them pertinent insights, skills, and tools necessary to help children thrive. We utilize an attachment lens; meaning we believe that the source of most children’s difficulties lie with-in the context of their relationships with their attachment figures.

Our Method

We understand that there are thousands of books and websites regarding children’s mental health and parenting; this can be overwhelming for parents and professionals alike.
What we have done is sifted through volumes of information and pulled only the most current, relevant, evidence-based, and neurobiologically informed practices.
We then synthesized and simplified this information to make it intellectually “digestible” for our clients and attendees in order to help them better understand children who are struggling; thus, allowing them to make immediate and effective changes in the home, office, or classroom.

Our Foundation

Our foundation is one of respect for all with a commitment to listen fully and learn from the diverse viewpoints of our team and those we service in our community.
We place the importance of insight, compassion, trust, and warmth at the heart of our work. We want to foster lasting change in the lives of families and to transform our community. We believe that everyone should have access to affordable mental health resources.
We believe strongly in dismantling the stigma around mental health and in empowering caregivers and professionals to help children to reach their full potential. We continually identify important questions, seek out the answers, and evaluate and document what we learn.


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