Screentime + Summer- What You Need To Know

As we wrap up the school year, many parents are sure to be faced with a whole lot of Screens. Kids and screentime go hand in hand these days, but how does screen time impact your children’s brain and it’s development?

Watch the CTV segment as Tania Johnson & Tammy Schamuhn speak with CTV’s Kent Morrison about this, and add in some recommendations for screen time in the summer.

Watch by clicking the image above for this interview on CTV News Edmonton June 2024.

The use of technology in homes has increased rapidly over the past decade. Although helpful in many ways, it has also triggered many questions. In this online workshop, the impact of technology use will explored, in addition to research-based strategies geared to help children and teens manage screen use. 

Click the button below to be directed to this impactful course by ICP and use code SCREENS to get 40% off. 

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