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Attachment is our preeminent need. We need safe, caring relationships as human beings to thrive– children or adults. It is through these connections that we thrive and build resiliency. 75% of the outcome of mental health treatment is dependant on the relationship between the helper and the helpee. If you want to help a child who is struggling with anxiety we first and foremost must examine is the quality of attachment that child has with the adult. If that attachment dance is out of sync it will significantly impair the child’s ability to regulate their feelings.

Never underestimate how important a warm, safe, and attuned relationship is to a child.

Childhood Anxiety: Helping Children Heal Streamed Telehealth Broadcast
May 2, 2020
9:00am-4:30pm MST

We are bringing our #1 course to a brand-new format! On May 2, our two Co-Founders will be teaming up and presenting “Childhood Anxiety: Helping Children Heal” from Alberta, Canada, via video broadcasting. This is the IDENTICAL presentation we normally travel and present to sold-out audiences globally, but you can NOW WATCH FROM THE COMFORT & SAFETY OF YOUR HOME. Our holistic* and strength-based course focusses on what caretakers, educators, parents, and professionals can do to help children & teens manage their anxiety. It will also help attendees why anxiety manifests in children, and presents concrete strategies to help children cope & develop resiliency!

***Don’t worry if you can’t tune in live. Participants will be given a RECORDING OF THE EVENT TO WACTH FOR 30 DAYS***

Our instructors will be there to answer your questions throughout the day and give you the tools you need to help children begin to heal.


  • Identify neurobiological and physiological mechanisms that underline anxiety.
  • Describe ways in which parenting styles can contribute to anxiety in children.
  • Implement a variety of emotion regulation strategies.
  • Recognize environmental and societal factors that contribute towards the increase in anxiety amongst children.
  • Explore pharmacological and naturopathic treatment option.

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