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Turn Down the Pressure Valve: Turn Up the Magic of Childhood

There’s this wonderful dream that we hold onto about childhood: there’s laughter, bikes, tree forts, adventures, scraped knees, and neighbourhood friends. This may not be the childhood we all had, but we can certainly relate to the nostalgia of a ...


Give Me Your Phone! Why Removing Electronics from Children Backfires

Does this sound familiar? “Stop being so sassy! Give me your phone.” “I’m taking away your Switch for a month!” “You’ll get your iPad back when you can learn to be respectful!” For so many exhausted parents, removing electronics- ...


The Magic of Family Dinners

In previous generations, family dinner was a staple, but life shifted in the past 20 years or so. Families now rush from activity to activity, cellphones are in everyone’s hands, and the TV has become part of the never-ending background noise. time ...


Our Children Deserve More

Tantrums, hyperactivity, avoidance, concentration issues, stomach aches, erratic behaviour.... We punish the tantrum, medicate the ADHD symptom, or pick up our child from the school nurse when they are struggling. Although we may wait months for an ...


3 Ways To Help Children With Anxiety

Children, like adults, experience feelings of worry. However, it's helpful to remember that children do not process their experiences as adults do.  Anxiety is a combination of physical sensations, thoughts and feelings. It's a reaction to a that ...

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