Child Psychology Awards

PRESENTED BY: The Institute of Child Psychology

Child Psychology Awards

Honouring Excellence

In Pediatric Psychology, Child Development, and Parenting Education

Child Psychology Awards

The Child Psychology Awards stand as a mark of distinction, recognizing excellence in writing and product development that demonstrates outstanding contribution to the field of psychology and child development.

The Child Psychology Awards committee, overseen by the Institute of Child Psychology, evaluates literary works and products created for children, parents, educators, and child development professionals (i.e., therapists, social workers, occupational therapists). These awards are a bench mark for excellence and signify a unique and vital contribution that improves overall well-being of children and their families.

he Child Psychology Literary Award
is presented to authors of books that exemplify exceptional standards in the presentation of original content. For both fiction (children’s books) and non-fiction works, this award appreciates the meticulous development of subject matter in an authentically engaging context. This prestigious accolade is our tribute to books that represent an extraordinary achievement in the literary world; which enhance the psychological, social, emotional, or physical  lives of children and their families through the written word.

The Child Psychology Product Award
is granted to products designed with integrity to better the well-being of children. Each product is evaluated based on its creativity and originality; design and quality; and play value (for the categories of puzzles, games & toys). Preference is granted to products that foster the physical, social, or emotional development of children. Preference is  granted to those products whose creation was grounded in evidence-based research in the fields of psychology or child development.

Award Winners

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