Per 0-500 participants:
  • Keynote: Please contact to inquire
  • Full day (8 Hours): $3,600 + GST
  • Half day (4 Hours): $1,800 + GST
  • 2 Hours: $1,200 + GST
    *Listed times include breaks
    **Handouts only provided for full & half day trainings

If capacity exceeds 500, a $500 fee will be added per every 500 participants.

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Per audience size up to 200 participants:
  • Keynote Address: Please contact to inquire
  • Half-Day Session: $1,800 + GST and travel*
  • Full-Day Session: $3,600 + GST and travel*

* Travel: Gas mileage applies if location is further than 50km from Edmonton. Travel accommodations & additional fees may apply if traveling longer than 2 hours.

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We provide half or full-day corporate training to school boards and a variety of organizations on childhood mental health topics and parenting strategies. Topic, format, and duration can be catered to the unique needs of the organization.

Ask us about our customizable workshops and webinars. The Institute of Child Psychology will create a customized session that suits your needs.

Example Topics:

  • Relationship-Based Discipline: Raising Resilient Children
  • Compassionate Parenting
  • Understanding and Working with Teens
  • Helping Children Impacted by Trauma
  • Childhood ADHD: From Struggling to Thriving
  • Childhood Anger: Working Through Tempers
  • Understanding the Highly Sensitive Children
  • Childhood Anxiety: Helping Children Heal
  • Helping Children Cope with Divorce & Separation
  • Simplifying: The Creation of a Calm Home & Child
  • Depression in Children and Youth: Moving Out of the Shadows
  • The Impact of Technology on Children & Youth

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