Childhood Anxiety Level II: More Info! More Strategies!

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Childhood Anxiety Level II: More Info! More Strategies!

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If you completed our live workshop or online course Childhood Anxiety: Helping Children Heal we have created a supplementary course to strengthen the learning from the previous course.

Since the original course was developed for a live 8-hour workshop, we know there were things we wanted to include but we were limited for time; thus, we decided to offer this additional course to give people more tools to help children who are struggling.

We are ONLY offering this online course to those who attended or completed the original, as the material will build on information shared in that workshop/course.


  • 25+ strategies that foster emotion regulation to soothe anxiety (for children and* teens)
  • Addressing the most common pressing questions that have come from parents and professionals over the last 4 years of presenting this course
  • A more thorough exploration on topics such as phobias, panic attacks, trichotilliomania, and trauma
  • Additional suggestions to help with sleep hygiene
  • Strategies specific to the classroom/school-based anxiety

3 hours of recorded instruction (initial course is 6 hours of instruction)

This course is appropriate for parents, caregivers, educational professionals, and mental health professionals.