Dr. Becky Kennedy

Clinical Psychologist, Podcaster, Social Media Content Creator

Dr. Becky Kennedy is a clinical psychologist and mom of three, recently named “The Millennial Parenting Whisperer” by TIME Magazine, who’s rethinking the way we raise our children. She specializes in thinking deeply about what’s happening for kids and translating these ideas into simple, actionable strategies for parents to use in their homes. Dr. Becky’s goal is to empower parents to feel sturdier and more equipped to manage the challenges of parenting. She has an expertise in parenting and child development with an emphasis on anxiety and resilience.

In just over a year, Dr. Becky has amassed a loyal and highly engaged community of nearly 900K followers on Instagram, created a library of 20+ popular parenting workshops, launched a top-rated podcast as well as a newsletter, published a Potty Handbook, and completed the manuscript of her forthcoming book, to be published in September 2022. She has been profiled in The New York Times MagazineThe CutThe Wall Street Journal, and more. 

Her weekly podcast, Good Inside with Dr. Becky, immediately went to #1 on the Apple Podcasts “Kids & Family” chart upon launching in April 2021, was placed on the coveted “New and Noteworthy” list, landed the #26 spot on the iTunes “Top Podcasts” chart in June 2021, and made Apple Podcasts “Best Shows of 2021” list. Each week, she takes on tough parenting questions and delivers actionable guidance—all in short episodes, because she knows time is hard to find as a parent. Her breakthrough approach has enabled thousands of people to get more comfortable in discomfort, make repairs after mistakes, and always see the good inside. Listeners gain the tools to embody their authority while developing a stronger parent-child connection, helping them become the parent they want to be and helping their children develop the skills necessary for life success.

Dr. Becky received a BA in Psychology and Human Development, Phi Beta Kappa and summa cum laude, from Duke University and a PhD in Clinical Psychology from Columbia University. She has a certificate in Relational Psychotherapy from the Steven Mitchell Center.

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