Dr. Jenny Woo

Supporting Children's Emotional and Social Development

In this experiential workshop, Jenny will help you understand the empirical “why” and the practical “how” on ways to support the development of essential social and emotional skills in children (and adults). Jenny shares the latest research on how children develop social and emotional skills from toddlerhood to emerging adulthood. She provides an overview and clarifies the nuances between emotion regulation, emotional intelligence, and social and emotional learning (SEL) – the three buzz terms we often hear interchangeably these days.

Jenny shares the framework on social and emotional learning and debunks developmental and learning myths in this area. She discusses ways to better understand how your child, student, or client is doing in intrapersonal and interpersonal competencies. She offers practical tips and demonstrates how you can leverage the power of everyday conversations to build better adult-child relationships and psychological well-being.

Jenny Woo is a Harvard-trained educator, TEDx speaker, founder/CEO of Mind Brain Parenting, and mom of 3. She dedicates her career to helping people realize their potentials from classrooms to boardrooms. She has worked with children and families as a Montessori school administrator, with college students as an MBA career coach and lecturer, with employees as a human capital consultant and executive coach in the silicon valley, and with older adults as a memory researcher. Jenny conducts research in social-emotional learning, emotion regulation, and resilience. She also teaches emotional intelligence at the University of California, Irvine. 

Jenny is the creator of a series of award-winning emotional intelligence games: 52 Essential Conversations, 52 Essential Relationships, 52 Essential Critical Thinking Skills, and 52 Essential Coping Skills. Her games have won the awards such as the Parents’ Choice Awards, National Parenting Product Awards, and Tillywig BRAIN CHILD Award and featured by Harvard and CASEL.
The games are used by parents, educators, and therapists in 50+ countries. Visit mindbrainparenting.org for games, assessments, and podcast lessons.

4th Bonus DAY ADDED

For all Weekend Pass Purchasers

In this presentation attendees will learn about the foundational history of attachment research, develop a better understand attachment styles in both children and adults and outcomes related to each style, how the brain’s development is contingent on the quality of care a child receives, and interventions that promote a more secure attachment style in children.

We are here not only for you to learn how to support a child or teen who is struggling, but also learn concrete tools and strategies to help YOU when you’re feeling overwhelmed. Mental health is a family affair, and ensuring caregivers  are also thriving is of the utmost importance.



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