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    Empowered Parenting

    CAD $204.44

    Tools and Support for a Lifetime of Connection and Trust

    The ICP Empowered Parenting Course provides you with the tools and support you deserve to become a confident parent. Our program helps you build a lifetime of connection and trust with your child. This program offers a perfect blend of our best-selling online course, and live coaching sessions.

    Starting from day one, you’ll gain practical and empowering self-paced online parenting classes that will make significant differences in your family’s life.

    This course is taught by ICP Co-Founders Tammy Schamuhn & Tania Johnson (who also host the Child Psych Podcast)  who are not only child psychologists, but are also moms with 5 children between them and have 28 years of combined clinical experience.  

    You’ll embark on 12 self-paced modules specially designed for busy parents. Tania and Tammy took the biggest issues parents come to them about  in both their coaching and clinical work, and cultivated concrete solutions for parents to implement right away.

    This course will leave you feeling empowered & competent, while also creating connection and joy with you and your child. This course is designed to help you become the parent you always wanted to be!

    Become the Parent You Always Wanted to be


    Discover the Benefits of Our Course

    Enhance Your Parenting Skills: Weekly Group Parent Coaching Sessions


    Tammy Schamuhn ; Tania Johnson are Registered Psychologists, Registered Play Therapists, Co- Founders of the Institute of Child Psychology, authors, and most importantly moms (with five children between them).

    They’re both internationally acclaimed speakers, and present global workshops on a variety of topics such as: childhood anxiety, trauma, depression, resiliency, and emotion regulation.

    Tania and Tammy are creators and hosts of the popular podcast ‘The Childpsych Podcast’ and have a book being released March 2024 titled “The Parenting Handbook.” They both maintain private practices in Alberta, Canada, where they live and are raising their families.

    FREE Gift With Purchase

    As BONUS for purchasing this course you will get a e-copy of our book “The Parenting Handbook” 

    Being a parent can feel overwhelming and exhausting. So much of the prevailing advice on raising children leaves parents feeling conflicted and confused rather than confident that what they’re doing is best for their children. In The Parenting Handbook: Your Guide to Raising Resilient Children, Tammy Schamuhn and Tania Johnson, give parents the answers they so desperately need. Using the latest research in neuroscience and developmental psychology, and weaving in concrete strategies, Tammy and Tania have created an essential roadmap for parenting that truly works. Here you will find the secrets to raising children who are kind, empathic, self-regulated, emotionally intelligent; and who grow up to become gritty, resourceful, successful critical thinkers who can handle hard things.

    What Customers are Saying

    There’s not much that I say “changes my life” except relationships of my children. This definitely ranks up there. This class got me and my husband at the core in the best possible way.

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    Kelsey T.

    I left this course with parenting and discipline tools, a better understanding of me and my child’s behavior, and ways to change both of those to better our lives. I Remic recommend this course to all of my Parenting friends, and I’m so glad I took it.

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    Whitney Exton

    I was most pleased with the vast amount of information; it was relatable and honest. I learned a lot about myself, and how I act as a mother.

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    Colleen P.

    Thank you so much. I feel excited and confident in my approach to parenting rather than feeling like I’m waiting for them to misbehave. Which is really just a call out to me.

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    Misty Lee

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