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Childhood ADHD


Does your child struggle with inattention, hyperactivity, distractibility, issues focussing at school, fails to complete assigned tasks, or avoidance of activities that require sustained focus?

A diagnosis of ADHD can feel overwhelming and confusing for many families and caregivers; and even if your child hasn’t been formally diagnosed, this course will help those caregivers whose children struggle with attention-related issues.

This online workshop focuses on taking the fear out of the diagnosis by empowering you to become the agent of change in a child’s life. This workshop will begin with an introduction to the neurobiological and environmental roots of ADHD, followed by an exploration of effective and ineffective caregiving strategies and skills, with a final look at the importance of relationship-based caring. Parents, caregivers, and mental health professionals will walk away with a full “toolbox” of tools and resources to help the children in their lives thrive.
Our Aim


  • Identifying neurological and environmental factors which contribute to ADHD.
  • Exploring triggers which fuel impulsivity and hyperactivity.
  • Understanding the impact of a strong, connected relationship.
  • Developing strategies and tools to help your child.
  • Nurturing emotional intelligence and resilience.

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Danyelle Lynch

Since 2009 I have had the honour to walk alongside children, youth, and their caregivers as they navigate through their struggles. Using expressive therapy techniques I am able to build understanding into your child’s worldview, support them in processing their current concerns, and offer insight and recommendations for the family as a whole with the goal of increasing your family’s unity and well-being.

As a Registered Psychologist, my approach with families is informed by person-centred, developmental, family systems, and trauma-informed theories. I work with individuals and families 3 years old and up. My role is to assist your family through your current struggles by offering support, insight, and consultation. I have considerable experience working with children, youth and their families in areas of anxiety, depression, ADHD, anger, self-harm, disordered eating, separation/divorce, attachment, adoption, complex trauma (physical abuse, sexual abuse, neglect), and singular traumatic events (car accidents, assault).

I have advanced training in Play therapy, Sandplay therapy, Art therapy, and Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR). I have worked with Children’s Services, foster parents, and adoptive parents.


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