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Children’s Mental Health

Children’s Mental Health First Aid

Parents, caregivers & educators are often faced with very unique and challenging issues. At any given time, they can have children dealing with a variety of issues including trauma, anger/aggression, anxiety, grief, depression, or self-harm – often these challenges are expressed as negative behaviour.

This workshop will help you to decode behaviours, understand the signs of common psychological issues, and empower you with the tools to help bring your students to a place of connection and safety. Participants will gain a toolbox of strategies to help children who are struggling with relationships, anxiety, emotional regulation, depression and attention-based issues. Connection, co-regulation, respectful communication and resilience are central themes in helping you to create a space that is inclusive, safe, and deeply accepting of all children.

‘Children’s Mental Health First Aid is intended to help educators to create a psychologically safe environment for children, but please note, that it is not intended to replace the vital work of a Mental Health Professional.
Our Aim


  • Examine the role of attachment in creating safe environments.
  • Explore how physical environments ( lighting, seating and decor) impact children’s success.
  • Identify common psychological issues experienced by children.
  • Connect “red flag behaviours” with deeper issues.
  • Create a toolbox of strategies to help children struggling with anxiety, trauma, regulation, depression, attentional–based issues and relationships.
  • Examine the efficacy of rewards and punishments.
  • Explore the importance of self-care.

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Tania Johnson

Co-Founder, Psychologist, Instructor, and Consultant

I am a Registered Psychologist and a Registered Play Therapist. I completed my undergraduate studies in South Africa before engaging in a one-year, full-time internship in Chicago at the Cancer Treatment Centers of America. In 2012, I received my master of Counselling from the City University of Seattle. During my Master’s degree, I worked both on the front lines and as a counsellor with foster and adoptive families who faced a range of emotional, behavioural and cognitive challenges.

Since completing my degree, I have worked in a private practice setting with children, teens, adults and families. I work primarily from an attachment-based perspective. This means that I work with clients to explore how early relationships affect how we come to understand ourselves, other people and the world.

It is an honour to work with clients and families to create a space for lasting change. I endeavour to always approach my clients with respect, honesty, integrity and warmth.


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