Course Description

The Impact of Technology

Are you wondering how to handle screen use in your home or classroom? How much screen time should you allow every day? When should your child get a phone? What is the impact of technology on your child’s ongoing development? Are you feeling frustrated by technology overload in your home? Ready for a roadmap on how to maximize the benefits of technology while nurturing your child’s emotional, social and cognitive potential?

The use of technology in homes has increased rapidly over the past decade. Although helpful in many ways, it has also triggered many questions. In this online workshop, the impact of technology use will be explored, in addition to research-based strategies geared to help children and teens manage screen use.

This online workshop will empower the adults in a child’s life to make informed, practical decisions regarding technology use at home and in the classroom.
Our Aim


  • Overview of how technology is being utilized by different age groups.
  • Exploration of technology addiction and the neurological impact.
  • Identifying advantages and disadvantages of incorporating technology into modern lifestyles.
  • Developing a roadmap to help families incorporate technology in a healthy, psychologically balanced manner.
  • Comprehensive overview of Frequently Asked Questions around technology use and youth.

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Jodi Medori

Jodi Medori is a registered psychologist. Her belief is that we have to look at our whole selves. This includes our brain, our bodies, our emotions and our relationships with others, and the interactions of all these parts. Through integration and processing, transformation happens. And then we heal.


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