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Is Your Child Highly Sensitive?

By Tania Johnson | March 6, 2024


Have you ever wondered if your child is Highly Sensitive? Research now suggests that approximately 30% of the population may be highly sensitive. 

It’s important to recognize that sensitivity is not a binary characteristic; it’s a continuum, with some individuals being more sensitive than others.  It is also not a disorder, it is simply a different temperament.

Highly sensitive children, often referred to as HSCs, are individuals who possess a heightened level of sensitivity to various stimuli in their environment. This sensitivity can manifest in different ways, including emotional, sensory, and social sensitivity. Here are some key characteristics of highly sensitive children:

1. Heightened Emotional Sensitivity: HSCs tend to experience emotions more intensely than their peers. They may be more empathetic and compassionate but can also become easily overwhelmed by emotions such as sadness, anger, or anxiety.

2. Sensory Sensitivity: Highly sensitive children may be more attuned to sensory stimuli such as loud noises, bright lights, rough textures, or strong smells. They may find certain sensory experiences overwhelming or uncomfortable.

3. Empathy and Awareness: These children often possess a keen awareness of their surroundings and may be highly attuned to subtle changes in their environment. They may also have a strong sense of empathy and may feel deeply affected by the emotions of others.

4. Introversion vs. Extroversion: While not all highly sensitive children are introverted, many may prefer quieter, calmer environments where they can process their thoughts and feelings without external stimulation.

5. Need for Reassurance and Support: HSCs may require additional reassurance and support from caregivers to navigate their emotions and experiences. Providing a safe and supportive environment where they feel understood and accepted is crucial for their well-being.

6. Potential Challenges: Highly sensitive children may face challenges in settings that are overly stimulating or where they feel misunderstood. They may be more prone to anxiety, stress, or emotional meltdowns if their needs are not met.

7. Strengths and Gifts: Despite the challenges they may face, highly sensitive children often possess many strengths, including creativity, intuition, empathy, and a deep appreciation for beauty and subtlety in the world around them.

Our Highly Sensitive Children are the children who change the world – they just need supportive relationships and validating environments to thrive. Join us at our upcoming summit where I present a 3 hour workshop on “Helping Highly Sensitive Children Thrive”


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