Once you complete the course please continue to the final quiz. You are required to get a minimum of 70% to receive a passing grade. 

Please note if you receive a passing grade, you will be granted a certificate of completion from the Institute of Child Psychology (please send us an email to info@instituteofchildpsychology.com once your assignments are completed and you have passed your exam) .

This is certified course through the Association for Play Therapy (APT) and the Institute of Child Psychology is an approved provider with APT;  however, only applicants who have the following credentials can be granted a certificate that have the APT endorsement on it along with “non-contact hours” listing on the certificate:

  • Masters degree in mental health
  • PhD in mental health
  • Enrolled in a Masters or PhD mental health program

If you want a certificate specific with the Association for Play Therapy endorsement you must email a copy of your Masters or PhD degree (mental health specific)or proof of enrolment in a Masters or PhD graduate program (mental health specific) to info@instituteofchildpsychology.com.

Please note: APT only accepts professionals in the field of mental health as eligible to continue with their certification towards becoming a play therapist. It is participant responsibility to ensure they are eligible: https://a4pt.site-ym.com/page/CredentialsHomepage