Lesson 2: Assignments


Directive Play Therapy

Lesson 2 Assignments

***These activities are for your own professional development and it’s recommended you complete them, however assignments for lesson 2 do not have to be submitted.***

  1. What was play like in your home as a child?
  2. How does a child’s play shift as developmental stages shift?

    READING MATERIAL: Read pages 6-20 of this link

  3. How did the therapist integrate culture in the play therapy session, what did they do to prepare?
  4. How did you feel while watching the play therapy video in Lesson 2?
  5. What themes arose?
  6. How can play therapy be used and as an assessment and intervention?
  7. How might culture impact a tool such as the house tree person test? What might be some elements a play therapist may need to consider when facilitating play therapy cross culturally.