Lesson 4: Assignments

Directive Play Therapy

Lesson 4 Assignments

Please choose one of the following assignments to submit:

  1. Ella is 14 years old and has been referred to you for the following:
    She is experiencing increasing anxiety when needing to participate in new activities or when she needs to meet new people. She is highly motivated, but also takes a long time to warm up.

    Create a list of directive activities (with the reason why you chose each activitiy) that you feel would work well for Ella (2 relationship based sessions/ 2 working stage sessions)

  2. Write a short paragraph on how you would setup your playroom to make the most of your directive play therapy tools (books, calming area, fidgets, games etc). You may consider if you would display them or not, if you would create a specific corner, if you would put our specific tools for specific clients. Use this space to brainstorm ideas.

  3. Choose 2 different therapeutic issues and create a toolbox for each. Indicate which tools could be used for teletherapy (note the lesson presentation asks for 4 – this is an error- only 2 are required)