Lesson 5: Assignments

Directive Play Therapy

Lesson 5 Assignments

Reflective Questions (Submission for reflective questions not required; choose one case study to submit)

-How can reading be therapeutic?
-What feelings have you experienced while reading, watching a movie or listening to music?
-What movie or booked impacted you deeply?
-What did you take away from it?

After watching A little Spot of Feeling
-What purpose does this book serve?
-What themes can it be applied to ? How might you use this resource?

After watching a Huge Bag of Worries
-What other activities can this book facilitate?

After watching A terrible Thing Happened
-What follow up activities can be facilitated ?
-How to start some meaning making with client?

Using a book on Anger
-When might this book be a good resource and why?

Using a book on Sadness
-How can this book be a therapeutic assistance?

Using a book on Grief
-What stages of grief might this book apply?

Using a book on Divorce
-What other interventions might a client experiencing divorcing parents benefit from?

  1. Case Study 1:
    SH was a seven-year-old girl referred to therapy due to increased anxiety and school refusal. Approximately six months previously, her grandmother died suddenly, and, shortly after, her father seriously injured his shoulder at work. She began exhibiting symptoms of excessive worry, somatic symptoms, crying spells, and nightmares. She began refusing to go to school and cried when forced to separate from her parents. She had frequent nightmares of monsters chasing her. She refused to sleep in her own room and checked the locks on the doors multiple times before finally going to bed. Prior to her grandmother’s death, SH was calm but slow to warm in new situations.

    Follow up Question
    -Describe your first three sessions
    -From the info provided in the case study identity some themes that may arise.
    -What strategies would you provide parents?
    -How would you use a directive approach to target presenting concerns?
    -What questions arise?

  2. Case Study 2:
    Mike is a six-year-old boy with a diagnosis of oppositional defiant disorder. His mother’s behavioral concerns include noncompliance with adult requests, disrespecting attitude toward others (especially women), and explosive tantrums. Mike has been expelled from several daycares. Mike lives with his mother and grandmother. His parents divorced when he was four after a marriage marked by significant tension and disagreement. Mike witnessed their arguments, and on occasion, he saw his mother being hit and shoved by his father. Mike’s father has remarried and has a newborn. The custody agreement states that Mike’s father has regular visits every other weekend and one day a week; however, he has been very
    inconsistent. Typically, the father misses visits or cancels at the last minute.

    Follow up Questions
    -Make a case hypothesis
    -List your initial thoughts
    -What themes apply?
    -For directive interventions: What type of books might be helpful? Apps?

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