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Chapter 10: Battling Overwhelm & Creating a Peaceful Home

In this chapter we will be discussing how overwhelm can derail our best parenting efforts. You will be exploring how a chaotic physical environment, overschedulng, and screen-time can become parenting roadblocks and what to do about them. In addition we discuss how simple things like boredom, giving space for daydreaming & downtime, and returning back to family meals can radically improve our children’s behaviour and their mental well-being.  

Our lives have become busier than ever, which impacts the well-being of both our children and the adults in the home. Our children spend more time in school, more time completing homework, and more time in extracurricular activities. A childhood imbued with magic and discovery is being swallowed whole by a frenetic society. Ironically, parents are spending more time with their children than any other time in history. Ginsburg has found “even those children who are fortunate enough to have abundant available resources and who live in relative peace may not be receiving the full benefits of play.” We need to create a shift and push back on a culture that prides itself on being busy. In doing so, we nurture a space for children to discover who they are. 

We help to quieten the anxious, depressed thoughts that emerge when a child has experienced too many accumulative stressors in a world that moves too quickly, that is cluttered by material possessions, and that lacks true connections. When we prioritize cutting back on scheduled activities, decluttering our homes, saying no to excessive play dates, we send a clear message to our children that we prioritize a life of connection and depth.

Battling overwhelm and creating a peaceful home means taking inventory of both our external and internal environments. When you simplify, you make room for the people, the values, and the items that mean the most to you. Choose one small goal (i.e.,changing your schedule, decluttering the toys, or moving the books). Now tackle that one area of your life first. It always starts with the first step.

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