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Chapter 6: Discipline for Toddlers to Seven

In this chapter we will explore tangible, ready to implement strategies to help you with discipline for toddlers to seven. These are strategies Tania and I have used with all five of our children and are backed by developmental psychology, neurobiology, and are trauma-informed.

With such an underdeveloped brain, we can only expect so much from our littles. Our role in the early years is to focus establishing rhythm, predictability, allowing ample play and exploration, and being armed with the knowing they are mostly governed primarily by their emotional brains. They are easily overwhelmed and governed by what is happening in front of them. The cortex in the brain may start to come “online” for children as young as four, but that typically occurs between the ages of five and seven.

Our main objective is to show them our love is unconditional, as well as to be consistent with our limits and expectations. This demonstrates that we will provide ample structure and routine, that we will make most of the “big” decisions for them (i.e., bedtime, mealtimes, calls about safety). This is where we focus on co-regulation and structure, allowing our children to become acquainted with their outer physical worlds and inner emotional worlds.

Effective discipline might be the red light on a behavior, but there should always a green light for your child’s feelings.

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