NEW EPISODE] Your Parenting Handbook with Tania Johnson

What does the science and research say on raising a resilient child that thrives?
For this amazing podcast episode, I’m absolutely thrilled to bring to you an enlightening conversation with Tania Johnson, the influential co-founder of the Institute of Child Psychology.
📚 Together, we delve deep into the insights and groundbreaking strategies from their revolutionary new release, The Parenting Handbook: Your Guide to Raising Resilient Children, co-authored with the insightful Tammy Shamoon.
🔍 In This Episode, Discover:
The latest, science-backed research on child development and how it shapes our little ones.
The essence of raising emotionally resilient children and the pivotal role of attachment and secure connections.
Practical, real-world strategies to empower your parenting journey and foster a nurturing, supportive environment for your family.
The profound impact of addressing our children’s and our own nervous system needs for overall wellness and resilience.
💡 Highlights You Can’t Miss:
➡️Understanding Attachment Styles: Learn how different parenting approaches influence children’s ability to navigate life’s challenges and build resilience.
➡️The Foundation of Resilience: Uncover the critical importance of secure attachments in early childhood and how it sets the stage for overcoming adversity.
➡️Practical Parenting Wisdom: Gain actionable advice on co-regulating with your anxious child and the significant role of your presence and embodiment in these moments.
➡️Empowering Parents: Discover how small shifts in daily routines and mindfulness can lead to profound changes in your family’s well-being.
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The award winning Parenting Handbook: Your Guide to Raising Resilient Children is available now where books are sold, or you can click here. 

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