Being at Your Best When Your Kids are at Their Worst

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**This is a recording of a Live Presentation given at the Institute of Child Psychology’s 2021 Children’s Mental Health Conference. As it is a Live recording, please note that there may be unscheduled technical difficulties, pauses/breaks, as well as reading of comments which you may not be able to see.

Being at Your Best When Your Kids are at Their Worst

In this lecture will look at how to stay engaged on the often frustrating and unpredictable “family dance floor” while at the same time watching from the calm and loving “parental balcony”. The presentation will culminate in a learning simple and moving visualization that puts your hands back on your parenting emotional driving wheel and opens up a whole new range of responses that connect you to your kids.


  • Explore what prevents us from being at our parental best?
  • If it’s hysterical it’s historical.  Finding our own parenting voice.
  • Rediscovering the gift of a normal day.
  • Explore feeling seen and valued by the family


  • CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION with 4.0 instructional hours & successful completion of a short quiz.
  • RESOURCESAccess to several mental health and parenting resources.
  • SUPPORT:​ Access to the institute should any questions arise.

This presentation is appropriate for parents, educators, child care professionals, caregivers, and mental health professionals.

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4 Hours



Age Group

2-17 Years

Instructor Information

Kim John Payne

Kim John Payne M.ED is the best selling author of Simplicity Parenting, Beyond Winning and Being At Your Best When Your Kids Are At Their Worst. He is the Founding Director of The Center for Social Sustainability. He has appeared on many major media outlets such as NBC, BBC, CBC, NPR, Time Magazine, The Chicago Tribune and the New York and LA Times.

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