Childhood Trauma: Finding a Way Through (Saskatoon)


Childhood Trauma: Finding a Way Through (Saskatoon)


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Has your child or a child you are supporting experienced physical or sexual abuse? Exposed to the foster care system? Suffered through a tragic event? Experienced neglect? Witnessed or experienced violence? Endured extreme bullying? Or been impacted by a high-conflict divorce?

Trauma can significantly impact a child, and those caring for them are often left with questions about how to best help. Children with trauma can present significant challenges. They often display patterns of behaviour that can strain the relationship between the child and those caring for them. During this seminar we will explore the impact of trauma on neurological development and how this presents in children’s behaviours. The impact on the attachment system will also be examined, as will the role of relationship in healing and growth. Strategies to support children following experiences of trauma will be presented, giving attendees concrete ways in which they can support the children in their lives and care for themselves.

This workshop aims to offer practical information to caregivers and professionals on why certain behaviours may be present, and how they can support their children in moving towards growth and healing.


  • Examine the impact of trauma on neurological development
  • Explore the impact of trauma on attachment systems and relational patterns
  • Foster a greater understanding of behavioural patterns commonly associated with traumatic experiences.
  • Develop tools and strategies to support the children in
  • Learn about appropriate treatment options available based on the type of trauma a child has experienced and the timing of the incident
  • Highlight the importance of self-care for those who are supporting children that have experiences of trauma

Tammy Schamuhn, R. Psychologist, R. Play Therapist, Co-Founder: Institute of Child Psychology, Executive Director: Family Counselling Centres

This presentation is appropriate for parents, educators, caregivers, and mental health professionals.
Note for Professionals: In terms of mental health and therapeutic care, this introductory level workshop only; further trainings based on clinical specialty will be recommended.

Handouts will be provided and a certificate given upon completion of the course. Light refreshments will be provided at the event (coffee, tea, water).

Hilton Garden Inn Saskatoon Downtown

90 22 ST E Saskatoon, SK S76 3X6

We offer subsidized tickets to those have limited income!
Please email us at info@instituteofchildpsychology.com for qualifications.

Tickets purchased within 30 days of the course start date can be refunded within 24 hours of purchase timestamp.
Tickets can be transferred to another party at any time.

Please contact our administration team for further details at info@instituteofchildpsychology.com

Childhood Trauma: Finding a Way Through (Saskatoon)
Event Dates
Starts Ends
Mar 31, 2019 at 09:00 am Mar 31, 2019 at 05:00 pm
Venue Details
Hilton Garden Inn Saskatoon Downtown
Hilton Garden Inn Saskatoon Downtown
90 22 St E
Saskatoon, SK, CA S7K 3X6


12 reviews for Childhood Trauma: Finding a Way Through (Saskatoon)

  1. Linda Osinchuk

    I loved the logical, relatable way the information was developed, the practical examples given, the videos that expanded on the information, the warm, enthusiastic presentation style

  2. DB

    It was so powerful to learn and understanding how trauma impacts our children and the strategies that go along with it. It was amazing. I joined two separate webinars because of it 🙂

  3. Anonymous

    I found a part of me that was lost nearly 40 years

  4. Lori Renton, Executive Director Bright Beginnings

    I appreciated the sincere, authentic, engaging, honest and powerful messages. It was real and enlightening. I did not want to workshop to end.

  5. Saleha, Z MSc. (Psych)

    I attended this workshop for a personal reason (child trauma survival myself) and it was a soul cleansing for me! I was crying (good cry though) throughout the whole seminar! Thank you Tammy for your compassion and your high level of sensitivity!

  6. Anonymous (Winnipeg, MB)

    What was most helpful for me was the instructor’s explanations. Her presentation in general was very easy to understand. Things that may have been confusing she broke down, so we understood. She was kind, passionate about her work, and her presentation so it was very easy to soak in the information

  7. K.P

    Loved the facilitator; she was understanding and informative !

  8. A.D

    I loved the presenter’s ease, style and presentation methods. There were many great “take home” strategies that I will be able to use both in my professional work and at home. My kids are 12 and 10 and I wished I’d been able to attend this training when they were toddlers!

  9. Anonymous (Winnipeg)

    It was very helpful to understand the perspective from the child and how something can trigger an emotion that you may not even realize and how trauma can carry forward into adult years.

  10. Quinn C.

    The points were explained with enthusiasm in great detail. I felt that the speaker was very relatable as a parent/caregiver, as well as a professional. Good humor. And aside from all the great info we received from the workshop, we also left with a ton of extra links and lists of authors to look into.

  11. Anonymous (Winnipeg)

    Thank you for offering this workshop. I felt like it tied up some loose ends and gave me more perspective on my life. For that, I will be forever grateful.

  12. Anonymous (Victoria)

    The quality and quality of information was so useful. Tammy (has an) ability to make a difficult topic like childhood trauma as easy to digest as possible.

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