Consent, Relationships & Sex: From the Birds & the Bees to Netflix & Chill

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This course helps parents and caregivers to open up the important conversation of relationships, sex, and consent. Registrants will be able to learn signs of unhealthy relationships, develop language to help them talk to their children about their bodies and sexuality, and learn tips for discussing safe sex topics.
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Have you been delaying talking to your children about the birds and the bees? Perhaps you are feeling nervous about saying the wrong thing, embarrassed at thinking about some of your child’s questions, or perhaps you actually just have no idea what to say!

While there are many things that worry us as caregivers, talking to children and adolescents about relationships, sex, and consent is commonly rated as pretty stressful. Unfortunately, without having safe and knowledgeable adults to answer some of their big questions, kids will have to find other ways of accessing the information. This can lead to shame, stigmas, and a variety of misinformation. By educating yourself and being available for conversation, you are not only ensuring that your child has access to relevant information but you are also ensuring that you get a chance to discuss morals and values with them to help them make lifelong, healthy, and empowering decisions for themselves.


  • Understand the importance of comprehensive sexual health education
  • Recognize signs indicating both healthy and unhealthy relationships and communication
  • Develop language to assist in teaching children about their bodies and sexuality
  • Learn tips for discussing topics such as safe sex practices, masturbation, pornography and diversity
  • Develop a thorough understanding of consent and how to empower young people to assert their boundaries


CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION with 2 instructional hours.

RESOURCES: Access to several mental health and parenting resources

SUPPORT:  Access to the instructors who teach each course should any questions arise.

LIFETIME ACCESS: No rush to complete; the course will be available to you for as long as the course is hosted on our platform.

SELF-PACED STUDY: No timeline for completion of the course.


This presentation is appropriate for parents, educators, child care professionals, caregivers, and mental health professionals.

All courses offered by ICP are for individual use only. Using them for corporate/group training, or shared purposes are a violation of copyright law. Furthermore, all products/services provided by the Institute of Child Psychology, along with all workshop materials, are strictly for educational purposes only and cannot be categorized as psychological or mental health services.

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CERTIFICATE: Birds and the Bees


2 Hours



Instructor Information

Samantha Dover

Samantha is a Registered Provisional Psychologist and a certified Grief Recovery Specialist® at The Grief and Trauma Healing Centre in Edmonton, Alberta. She focuses much of her clinical practice on helping those who have suffered from loss and traumatic situations. Following her undergraduate degree in Biological Sciences, Sam spent five years working in a child advocacy centre where she was exposed to disclosures of grief and trauma on a daily basis. In this role, Sam worked one on one supporting children and their family members who were facing the effects of abuse. In addition, she developed new means of teaching others about the effects of grief and loss and how best to support children and youth. Sam went on to complete her Master of Counselling Degree through City University of Seattle and then looked for opportunities to support those who have experienced loss and traumatic events. Now she works to assist people of all ages and has a particular interest in working with those who are dealing with some of life’s big questions such as, “How do I find purpose after this loss?” Sam has also worked as an Educator for Alberta Health Services and has developed and taught numerous workshops pertaining to children’s mental health. She believes that the use of research and best practices to empower caregivers and educators allows for healthier outcomes in our children and in our community as a whole.