Navigating School at Home: A Guide for Parents in a Time of Global Crisis

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“Navigating School at Home” is intended to help parents and families weather all of this change, and best support their students during this new and unfamiliar landscape of education.

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With global crisis and uncertainty stretching across the globe, parents, students and communities are facing a myriad of unprecedented situations. In many cases, as students make the transition to online learning and learning at home, fear, confusion and stress have put a strain on everyone involved. 

Using current research and anecdotal evidence from the fields of psychology, education and parenting practice, this course will help parents navigate some of the most unique and uncertain times many have ever faced. As lines between the roles of parents, teachers and students become blurred, parents are universally struggling to determine their job and how to best support their students. By examining our philosophies around education, the parental role, how the brain works under stress, the importance of relationship and teachability, student motivation and the benefit of creativity, we can help parents, caregivers and teachers to best survive this global shift and support their students in successfully growing and thriving throughout the experience. 

“Navigating School at Home” is intended to help parents and families weather all of this change, and best support their students during this new and unfamiliar landscape of education. 


  • Clearly examine our philosophy on the purpose of education, and determine how we can align this with our decisions and practice given school changes
  • Delineate the unique roles of parents, students and teachers in the academic process
  • Investigate how the “learning brain” works and how it is affected by highly stressful or traumatic circumstances
  • Examine the role of emotional stability/support to meaningful learning experiences
  • Explore how the student-teacher relationship is related to teachability, and how both are necessary for optimal student learning
  • Highlight the formula for fostering motivation, and how granting students more autonomy sets them up for success
  • Outline the role of culturing creativity and fostering wonder when encouraging the shift from a fixed to growth mindset
  • Unpack our fears and limiting mindsets surrounding student academic success and school coming home


Jacquie Ganton is a teacher, coach and speaker. Her biography can be found here: our team

Parents, caregivers,  childcare professionals, educators, and mental health professionals

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  • PARENTING TOOLBOX: Learn  strategies to help your child thrive and strengthen your connection while navigating school at home.
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