The Parenting Handbook: Your Guide to Raising Resilient Children (E-Book)

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The Parenting Handbook: Your Guide to Raising Resilient Children is an award-winning & best-selling book from the Co-Founders of ICP. It is your essential roadmap based on the science of parenting with secrets and practical tools that gives parents the answers they so desperately need. [354 pages]


The Parenting Handbook: Your Guide to Raising Resilient Children

Tammy Schamuhn, R. Psych. | Tania Johnson, R. Psych

Being a parent these days can feel overwhelming and exhausting. There is so much information out there that leaves parents conflicted and confused, yet what every parent needs is to feel confident knowing that what they’re doing is best for their child.

In this revolutionary book, the authors, who are the founders of the Institute of Child Psychology, child psychologists, and moms with an immense social media following, have the answers parents desperately need, and have developed an approach to parenting that truly works. They have taken the latest research  in neuroscience and developmental psychology and woven in concrete strategies to create an essential roadmap for parenting. Here you will find the secrets to raising children who are kind, empathic, self-regulated, emotionally intelligent; and who become gritty, resourceful, successful critical thinkers who can handle hard things.

“The Parenting Handbook: Your Guide to Raising Resilient Children” contains the essential ingredients every parent needs to tackle tough parenting problems, implement effective discipline strategies, navigate screen time or bedtime battles, manage meltdowns, or learn how to lose it less on their kids.

This book contains a roadmap to tackle tough parenting problems, foster optimal brain development in children, and create positive mental health outcomes. It then translates this vital information into practical steps you can implement immediately.  This book is the ultimate guide to nurturing emotional regulation, resiliency, connection, and well-being in children.


  • Discipline strategies that make parenting easier and you feeling more competent
  • How to handle tough parenting moments
  • How to foster a secure attachment with your child (or heal an insecure attachment style)
  • Research backed strategies to foster resiliency and long-term wellness in your child
  • Understand the science of parenting, and how to make changes that foster positive neurological growth in your child
  • Concrete tools to handle emotion dysregulation
  • How to identify the roadblocks that prevent you from connecting with your child & cause behavioural challenges




square_mediumThe Parenting Handbook is beautiful, reflective and deeply compassionate. Tammy and Tania weave the latest parenting research, scripts, tools, and strategies into a relatable book that fuels connection, love and joy.

-Dr. Shefali Tsbary
Clinical Psychologist and New York Times Best Selling author

Kim-John-Payne“Tania and Tammy have woven together the many themes that come up so often in daily family life. They sensitively provide answers to the questions that sometimes confound us as parents. Reading this book will give you the feeling, “I can do this”, and provide you with the confidence to be the very best parent you can be.

Kim John Payne, M.ED
Founder of Simplicity Parenting and author of Simplicity Parenting, The Soul of Discipline, Emotionally Resilient Tween & Teens

jenniferTania and Tammy have created such a meaningful compassionate book full of hope and practical tools. They have pulled together important research and shared parenting strategies that deepen the parent-child relationship in a clear, inspiring, and very relatable way.
Jennifer Kolari, M.SW
Founder of Connected Parenting and author of You’re Ruining my Life and Connected Parenting


UntitledThis book is a much-needed resource for all parents! As a neuroscientist, I LOVE that they started off by explaining the brain. If parents can understand the link between their child’s emotions and behaviors and how our own emotions impact our child, then we can learn how to respond to our children rather than react.

Dr. Cindy Hovington
Ph.D., Founder of Curious Neuron Eli Harwood: books, biography, latest updateThis truly is the manual that every parent needs to understand a brain-based and connection-focused approach to parenting. Tania and Tammy have given us a wealth of ideas, tools, illustrations and practical applications to give our kids our very best in the most effective and loving ways

Eli Harwood, LPC 
Creator of Attachment Nerd and author of Securely Attached






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