Raising Future Ancestors

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**This is a recording of a Live Presentation given at the Institute of Child Psychology’s 2021 Children’s Mental Health Conference. As it is a Live recording, please note that there may be unscheduled technical difficulties, pauses/breaks, as well as reading of comments which you may not be able to see.

Raising Future Ancestors

In this presentation, Latinx Parenting founder and parent coach Leslie Priscilla will guide participants through a thorough and powerful discussion around what it means to divest from the paradigm of violence and colonial power-over dynamics for parents, families, and professionals.

We will use a healing-centered approach in providing an overview of the strengths-based and culturally sustaining parenting practices towards individual and family thriving. We will discuss what is needed from us, on a personal, collective, and societal level, to raise children, our future ancestors, who embody the principles of social and racial justice, nonviolence, and a fierce commitment to healthy and healed relationships with self, others and the planet.

Included will be an exploration of the practice of Reparenting Ourselves, with a focus on developing a relationship to our Inner Child, our Inner Parent, and our own Future Ancestor Self. We will cover what it looks like to heal our parental wounds that often keep us from becoming the fullest and most evolved version of ourselves.

As we aim to deconstruct a world that hurts the most vulnerable, we will begin with deconstructing the messaging that continues to prevent us from growth and fulfillment. This will be a truly immersive experience that will leave participants feeling connected, expanded, and hopeful for the vision we are collectively working towards.


  1. Understand complexities of cultural and environmental circumstances pertaining to the unique parenting styles of Latinx families and other marginalized racial and ethnic groups as well as the intergenerational experiences that impact them.
  2. Recognize practices that are intended to preserve strong, often unexamined, values commonly present in families.
  3. Identify trauma-informed, healing-centered, and culturally responsive community-based practices that are both presently available and in need of creation at a micro and macro level.
  4. Discuss culturally relevant, ethical considerations for supporting children both directly and indirectly along with supporting parents, caregivers, and families in shifting their perspectives on child-raising utilizing reparenting practices.
  5. Identify core strengths in parenting for Latinx and BIPOC practices that preserve family values and connection; understand the relationship between these and the visioning of the future for our families beginning with invitations for personal healing towards collective healing.


  • CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION with 3.0 instructional hours & successful completion of a short quiz.
  • RESOURCESAccess to several mental health and parenting resources.
  • SUPPORT:​ Access to the institute should any questions arise.

This presentation is appropriate for parents, educators, child care professionals, caregivers, and mental health professionals.

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3 Hours



Age Group

2-17 Years

Instructor Information

Leslie Priscilla

Leslie Priscilla Arreola-Hillenbrand is a first generation non-Black Chicana mother to three bicultural children. She is a descendant of Indigenous Tarahumara Rarámuri and Spanish lineages who has resided on occupied Tongva and Acjachemen land, also known as Orange County, CA, all of her life. Leslie shares her medicine by offering coaching, workshops, support, and advocacy for Latinx/Chicanx families locally, nationally, and internationally both in-person and online via the Latinx Parenting organization. She founded this bilingual organization and movement intentionally rooted in children's rights, social and racial justice, the individual and collective practice of nonviolence and reparenting, intergenerational and ancestral healing, cultural sustenance, and the active decolonization of oppressive practices in our families.

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