Substance Use in Youth: Prevention and Intervention

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Substance use or exposure is pervasive among teens and can run the spectrum to being a normal part of adolescent development to being a large problem for a smaller part of the population. This course aims to equip caregivers with accurate information and tips to manage if needed. We also focus on shifting the feelings of fear around substance use for caregivers to have a better understanding of risks and protective factors.
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Are you caring for a teen that may or may not be using substances? Perhaps you are the parent of a younger child and currently dreading the teenage years and potential exposures to substances. If you are an adult supervising a teen in your life as a caregiver or educator, this course will help navigate preventative measures and how to address concerns of drug use.

This course was developed with the intention to provide accurate information about substance use and teens. The information can be valuable for caregivers of smaller children as a way to focus on prevention. The course is also applicable for people providing care to teens who may or may not be using substances. The landscape of drugs, availability and potency is ever changing. The trends and concerns are presented in this course.

Substance use or exposure is pervasive among teens and can run the spectrum to being a
normal part of adolescent development to being a large problem for a smaller part of the population. Substance use with teenagers can be very difficult journey to navigate for caregivers and the course aims to equip caregivers with accurate information tips to manage if needed. The hope is this course can help shift feelings of fear around substance use and teens to empowerment for caregivers to have a better understanding of the risks and protective factors. Having honest conversations about difficult topics is a protective factor and the course helps navigate the direction that caregivers may want to explore.


  • Explain recovery based language, highlight trends in use, and provide myths around substance use
  • Prevention strategies; for example: encourage healthy connections that increases a young person’s resiliency
  • Present resiliency factors, risk factors, and genetics
  • Describe and explain the process of addiction
  • Encourage parents to engage in accurate information around substance use to avoid fear based advice and fear based strategies
  • Present the bio-psycho-social model of assessment in intervention
  • Take a look into the harm reduction approach and strategies
  • Explore Prochaska’s stages of change model


  • CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION with 2 instructional hours.
  • RESOURCESAccess to several mental health and parenting resources
  • SUPPORT:​ Access to the instructors who teach each course should any questions arise.
  • HELP ON DEMAND: Access to the instructor via email at any time.
  • SELF PACED STUDY: No timeline for completion of the course.


This presentation is appropriate for parents, educators, child care professionals, caregivers, and mental health professionals.

All courses offered by ICP are for individual use only. Using them for corporate/group training, or shared purposes are a violation of copyright law. Furthermore, all products/services provided by the Institute of Child Psychology, along with all workshop materials, are strictly for educational purposes only and cannot be categorized as psychological or mental health services.

***This workshop is not owned by ICP and therefore may be removed by discretion of the contractor at any time, with 90 day notice.

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CERTIFICATE: Substance Use in Youth


2 Hours



Age Group

12-17 years old

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Sara Heitzman

Sara Heitzman is a certified Addictions Counsellor and a provisionally registered Psychologist in Alberta, Canada. She has worked in the field of social interventions for the past 15 years and more specifically as a clinician since 2016. Sara completed her graduate studies at City University of Settle completing a master’s in counselling psychology. Some foundational beliefs and values that Sara has around mental health is that mental health is an integral component to all people’s wellbeing. Cultural and spirituality presents an important piece of every individual and Sara strives to be culturally informed and is curious about how people experience their culture. Sara believes that individuals are the experts in their journey through life and that growth happens with the influence of relationships. Sara is proficient in client centered therapy, CBT, narrative, attachment and using art therapy as a method of expression. Sara is also trained in EMDR and uses DBT therapies when clinically indicated. Sara can work with youth and adults and enjoys collaborating with parents and families to create meaningful connections.