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Join us for our world-renowned child psychology conference.

Our aim is to create a community where the stigma around mental health is dismantled. Let’s move forward together in empowering parents, caregivers, mental health professionals and educators in creating a more hopeful, dynamic future for our youth.

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We know you’re busy, and dedicating an entire weekend may not be realistic. Don’t worry, you don’t need to watch the conference all at once. Your registration will give you access to all of the presentations and keynotes for up to 2 months post-conference.

This conference is designed for parents, caregivers, educators, and mental health professionals who want to learn about the latest reserach, innovations, and techniques pertaining to children’s mental health and attachment-based practices.

This full weekend event is not a collection of one hour topics- but instead focuses on half and full day workshops that are brimming with the latest research, tools and strategies. The Institute’s vision is that parents and professionals will walk away from the conference with a toolbox of new ideas and strategies to help children reach their fullest potential. Mental Health has often been positioned globally as the second pandemic, making the need for the conference more critical now than ever. ICP is passionate about equipping the adults in a child’s life to foster long-term wellness outcomes in children. The three-day online event will take place April 22-24, 2022. You will learn from a variety of experts including Dr. Tina Payne Bryson, Dr. Gordon Neufeld, Dr Becky Kennedy and Dr. Jennifer Mullen, as well as 19 additional workshops covering a wide range of topics impacting today’s youth, including everything from the hot issues of emotional intelligence and resiliency to the more intense struggles related to trauma and low self-esteem.

Additionally, these courses qualify for continuing education hours, and a certificate of completion can be obtained.

Join a variety of experts in child psychology including Dr. Tina Payne Bryson, Dr. Gordon Neufeld, Dr. Becky Kennedy, and Dr. Jennifer Mullen.

Keynote Speakers:

Affectionately nicknamed “the Rage Doctor” by peers and clients, Dr. Jennifer Mullan (she/her) is trained as a Clinical Psychologist, and is a published author. She currently serves communities as a Consultant, Therapeutic Coach, Ancestral wound worker who seeks to unpack the oppressive legacy of modern mental health practices, particularly for Queer Indigenous Black Brown People of Color (QIBPOC). She has been featured in Allure, GQ, The Today Show, Cosmopolitan, The Calgary Journal, and was selected by ESSENCE Magazine to receive the 2020 Essential Hero Award, in the category of Mental Health.

Her keynote will be: Staying Present: Parenting through Intergenerational Trauma”

Rick Hanson, Ph.D. is a psychologist, Senior Fellow at UC Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center, and New York Times best-selling author. His six books have been published in 30 languages and include Neurodharma, Resilient, Hardwiring Happiness, Just One Thing, Buddha’s Brain,  and Mother Nurture – with over a million copies in English alone. His free newsletters have 220,000 subscribers and his online programs have scholarships available for those with financial needs. He’s lectured at NASA, Google, Oxford, and Harvard, and taught in meditation centers worldwide. An expert on positive neuroplasticity, his work has been featured on the CBS, NPR, the BBC, and other major media. 

His keynote will be: The Neurosience of Happiness

Dr. Tina Payne Bryson is the author of the Bottom Line for Baby and co-author (with Dan Siegel) of two New York Times Best Sellers—The Whole-Brain Child and No-Drama Discipline—each of which has been translated into over fifty languages, as well as The Yes Brain and The Power of Showing Up. She is the Founder and Executive Director of The Center for Connection, a multidisciplinary clinical practice in Southern California. Dr. Bryson keynotes conferences and conducts workshops for parents, educators, and clinicians all over the world, and she frequently consults with schools, businesses, and other organizations.  The most important part of her bio, she says, is that she’s a mom to her three boys.

Her keynote will be: The Power of Showing Up

Featured Guest Speakers:

Key Topics You can Expect to Learn About:

  • Teens out of control workshop

  • Low self-esteem workshop: Self-Driven Child

  • Teachers overwhelmed by children’s mental health in their classrooms (2 courses on trauma)

  • Tantrums and meltdowns Workshop: Helping Deeply Feeling Kids

  • Overwhelmed by expectations and judgments of others workshop: Shame Proof Parenting

  • Parent’s unsure what their child needs to be both physically and psychologically healthy workshop 

  • How a parent can wire their child’s brain for happiness

  • How to foster a healthier relationship with your child through strengthening their attachment

  • Childhood anxiety and trauma due to an increase in parental stress, mental illness and domestic violence

  • The importance of holding space for children’s feelings during times of uncertainty

  • Creating a positive learning environment by supporting mental health in educators

  • How to integrate holistic medicine and naturopathic practices into the home to improve mental health

  • How a parent’s childhood history affects their ability to parent

  • Parenting teens in a healthy, connected way that fosters brain development

  • How to motivate and empower your child to take the driver’s seat in their own life and increase their self-esteem and confidence

  • Helping a child who suffers from anxiety develop coping skills and heal

  • Understanding how to blend play therapy skills and parenting to foster positive mental health outcomes

  • How to parent children who are sensitive, deeply feelings

  • Learn how to harness the power of simplifying  soothe overwhelm in children

  • How to help a child heal from a traumatic incident or from the collective trauma of the pandemic 

  • Understand/navigate how to educate children with a trauma-informed lens

  • Learn how to have uncomfortable conversations with your child about sex and romantic relationships

  • Understand how to function as a healthier blended family 

  • Building up a child’s social-emotional intelligence

Hear what previous attendees have to say about their experience at our conference:

Schedule for April 2022 Online Children's Mental
Health Symposium

*Speakers are subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances
Unable to afford a ticket? We can offer subsidized tickets to those who have a limited income! Please email us at conference@instituteofchildpsychology.com for qualifications.
CANCELLATIONS/REFUNDS: Tickets are non-refundable. Tickets can be transferred to another party at any time. Please contact our administration team for further details at conference@instituteofchildpsychology.com

Past Conference Testimonials:

A word from our founders:

The Institute of Child Psychology

was founded to educate parents and professionals on issues pertaining to children’s mental health and to promote the psychological and emotional well-being of children and adolescents. 

Our mission is to empower caregivers (i.e., parents, teachers, therapists, social workers, psychologists) by giving them pertinent insights, skills and tools necessary to help children thrive.

The Institute of Child Psychology places the importance of insight, compassion, trust, and warmth at the heart of our work. We want to foster lasting change in the lives of families and to transform our community. 

We believe that everyone should have access to affordable mental health resources.

Children and teens who will experience a mental health crisis before the age of 18

Children and teens diagnosed with a mental health disorder who do receive treatment

Topics Included:  Childhood Anxiety; Childhood Trauma; Parenting with Healthy Boundaries; Talking to Children About Race and Discrimination; Navigating Blended Families; Talking to Youth about Relationships, Sex, and Consent; The Principals of Playful Parenting; Hunt, Gather, Parent; The Fourth Trimester; Shame Proof Parenting; The Dance of Attachment; Therapeutic Play; The Naturopathic Perspective; Navigating the Teenage Years; The Trauma-Informed Classroom; Simplicity Parenting; Understanding Deeply Feeling Kids; The Self-Driven Child; & How to Support Children’s Social and Emotional Development

Our conferences are the only of their kind in the world, so this is an amazing opportunity to be a front runner in supporting children’s mental health!  Join us in creating a global community where the stigma around mental health is dismantled; moving forward together in empowering parents, caregivers, mental health professionals and educators in creating a more hopeful, dynamic future for our youth.


The Institute of Child Psychology believes in social responsibility, and giving back to our global community is an important part of our mission. As such, in partnership with our sponsors, we will be donating a portion of ticket sales to support the mission of CAMFED, Canada.

CAMFED envisions a world in which every child is educated, protected, respected and valued, and grows up to turn the tide of poverty.

As the most effective strategy to tackle poverty and inequality, CAMFED multiplies the educational opportunities available for girls, and empowers young women to become leaders of change. Our focus is on girls and young women in rural areas of sub-Saharan Africa. This is where girls face acute disadvantage and where their empowerment will have a transformative impact. For more information: visit www.camfed.org

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