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At ICP we are dedicated to offering quality professional development for mental health providers who work with children and youth.  Through our work with hundreds of international providers, we saw that many of the trainings they needed to ethically treat children were either inaccessible or they’re simply unaffordable. . .
so we came up with a solution!

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NOTE: Courses offered by ICP are for individual use only. Using them for corporate/group training, or shared purposes are a violation of our copyright laws.

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Advanced Certificate in Child & Youth Mental Health Treatment

The Institute of Child Psychology Advanced Certificate in Child & Youth Mental Health Treatment is designed for registered mental health professionals (or students enrolled in an accredited post-secondary program) who are wishing to receive formal accreditation from the Institute of Child Psychology for continuing education, employment purposes, and/or personal development. With this certification you are demonstrating your knowledge in the areas of:  specific clinical mental health presentations, interpersonal neurobiology of children and youth, and developmentally appropriate mental health interventions  (i.e., play therapy, art therapy, CBT)

Become a APT Approved Provider

The Institute of Child Psychology is partnering with reputable licensed mental health providers through our affiliate program.

Our mission is to promote developmentally appropriate  mental health interventions for children & youth to foster  emotional, psychological, and social wellbeing.

We recognize that many Masters and PhD graduate-level mental health programs have quality course work that pertains to working with adults; but many are lacking developmentally appropriate trainings pertaining to children and adolescents.

The intent of the ICP Approved Provider Affiliate Program is to develop international standards for the competent practice of children’s mental health.

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