The Self-Driven Child

In this FREE PREVIEW below, listen to instructors, Dr. William Stixrud & Ned Johnson, as they explore the importance of autonomy and self-control in children. Watch now!

Need more help creating an independent child that takes the lead in their life?

In this course, join Dr. Stixrud & Ned Johnson as they discuss a crucial link between high stress and low motivation, namely a low sense of control.  A healthy sense of control is associated with virtually everything we want for kids, including good health, a positive mood, freedom from excessive anxiety, self-motivation, and academic and career success.  Unfortunately, children’s sense of control decreases as they get older.

Dr. Stixrud & Ned Johnson will discuss the neuropsychological underpinnings of a sense of control, and they will present research and clinical experience related to the benefits children and teens experience when adults foster autonomy.  They will also discuss ways in which mental health professionals can support the development of a sense of control or autonomy in their clients.

Many of the approaches to be presented are discussed in the books Dr. Stixrud has written with Ned Johnson, including the national bestseller “The Self-Driven Child” and their new book, “What Do You Say? Talking with Kids to Build Motivation, Stress Tolerance, and a Healthy Home”.  Topics will include fostering a strong sense of control to lower stress and build self-motivation; developing high stress tolerance; empowering kids to make their own decisions; the wisdom of parents being “consultants” to their kids; the benefits kids gain when parents are a non-anxious presence; and strategies for supporting kids who struggle in school without compromising their autonomy.

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