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Childhood Trauma: Finding a Way Through

Venue: Online Course

Location: Online

Date: Dec 6, 2018

Length: 3:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Price: $78.50 CAD

Childhood Trauma: Finding a Way Through

Has your child or a child you are supporting experienced physical or sexual abuse? Exposed to the foster care system? Suffered through a tragic event? Experienced neglect? Witnessed or experienced violence? Endured extreme bullying? Or been impacted by a high-conflict divorce?

Trauma can significantly impact a child, and those caring for them are often left with questions about how to best help. Children with trauma can present significant challenges. They often display patterns of behaviour that can strain the relationship between the child and those caring for them. During this seminar we will explore the impact of trauma on neurological development and how this presents in children’s behaviours. The impact on the attachment system will also be examined, as will the role of relationship in healing and growth. Strategies to support children following experiences of trauma will be presented, giving attendees concrete ways in which they can support the children in their lives and care for themselves.

This course aims to offer practical information to caregivers and professionals on why certain behaviours may be present, and how they can support their children in moving towards growth and healing.


  • Examine the impact of trauma on neurological development
  • Explore the impact of trauma on attachment systems and relational patterns
  • Foster a greater understanding of behavioural patterns commonly associated with traumatic experiences.
  • Develop tools and strategies to support the children in
  • Learn about appropriate treatment options available based on the type of trauma a child has experienced and the timing of the incident
  • Highlight the importance of self-care for those who are supporting children that have experiences of trauma

Tammy Schamuhn, R. Psychologist, R. Play Therapist, Co-Founder: Institute of Child Psychology


Copies of the online course recordings will be sent out on December 6th; 6 hours of instruction along with handouts, video links,  reflections questions, and unlimited access to the instructor for questions regarding course content.

Who Should Attend:
This presentation is appropriate for parents, educators, caregivers, and mental health professionals.

Note for Professionals: In terms of mental health and therapeutic care, this introductory level workshop only; further trainings based on clinical speciality will be recommended.

What is Provided:
Handouts of an overview of the material, as well as video links. A certificate will be granted after completion of this seminar.

How is This Course Delivered:
This course will be delivered through recordings hosted by GoToWebinar; a computer and internet connection will be required

What if I Miss a Class:
All* classes are recorded and sent out to particpants by December 6th. Each recording will be available until February 1, 2019

Refund Policy:
Refunds only given up to 30 days prior to the event. Tickets can be transferred to a third party at any time.


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