Is your child (or a child you work) impacted by high conflict divorce, parental mental illness, neglect, domestic violence, abuse (physical, sexual, or emotional), bullying, having a caregiver in the home with severe trauma (i.e., military or fire responder caregivers), multiple medical procedures, prolonged separation from their caregivers? These are all types of TRAUMA for children.

Trauma can significantly impact a child, and those caring for them are often left with questions about how to best help. Children with trauma can present significant challenges. They often display patterns of behaviour that can strain the relationship between the child and those caring for them. During this seminar we will explore the impact of trauma on neurological development and how this presents in children’s behaviours. The impact on the attachment system will also be examined, as will the role of relationship in healing and growth. Strategies to support children following experiences of trauma will be presented, giving attendees concrete ways in which they can support the children in their lives and care for themselves.

This workshop aims to offer practical information to caregivers and professionals on why certain behaviours may be present, and how they can support their children in moving towards growth and healing.



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The quality and quality of information was so useful. Tammy has the ability to make a difficult topic like childhood trauma as easy to digest as possible. 

Anonymous (Victoria, BC)

Childhood Trauma

The points were explained with enthusiasm in great detail. I felt Tammy was very relatable as a parent/caregiver, as well as a professional. And aside from all the great info we received from the course, we also left with a ton of extra links and lists of authors to look into. 

Quinn C.

Childhood Trauma

I attended this course for a personal reason (child trauma survival myself) and it was a soul cleansing for me! Thank you Tammy for your compassion and your high level of sensitivity! 

Saleha, Z (R. Psych)

Childhood Trauma

I loved the sincere, authentic, engaging, honest and powerful messages--- it was real and enlightening.

Lori Renton, Executive Director Bright Beginnings

Childhood Trauma

The course content was relayed in a relatable way. I loved the practical examples given, the videos that expanded on the information, and the instructor's warm, enthusiastic presentation style. 

Linda Osinchuk

Childhood Trauma

Thank you for offering this course. I felt like it tied up some loose ends and gave me more perspective on my life. For that, I will be forever grateful.

K.P (Winnipeg, MB)

Childhood Trauma


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