PedsDocTalk Podcast with Tammy Schamuhn.

The power of play for kids and why you’re likely overthinking it!

Tammy Schamuhn from the Institute of Child Psychology speaks with Dr. Mona on the Peds Doc Talk Podcast. 

Does ‘playing’ with your kids stress you out? Are you overthinking what play should look like, or if you have enough time for play? Playing with your kids does not have to be stressful, and we’re here to take the stress out of it and normalize a few things when it comes to play. I welcome Tammy Schamuhn, a Child psychologist and co-founder of the Institute of Child Psychology and co-author of the new book, THE PARENTING HANDBOOK: Your Guide to Raising Resilient Children.

We discuss:

  • What play can show us about a child

  • Why being bored and under-scheduled is important for kids

  • How and why play can look different in boys and girls

Connect with Tammy on Instagram @instituteofchildpsych. Check out the new book, and for more resources, visit the Institute of Child Psychology website.

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