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November 8, 2017 | Tania Johnson

I’m a busy, working mom of an active 20 month old and I have often  found myself wondering if achieving the eluisve myth of blance is even a realistic possibility. There are many days when I wake up in the early hours of the morning to work, followed by actively trying to be present with my daughter as she masters all types of beautiful new skills, and ending my day with seeing four or five clients at the office. So, self-care, where does it fit in?

In the months following the birth of my daughter, I thought that the only way to rejuvinate was to schedule chunks of time to myself outside of the house. I soon realized that this was not going to work and that the schedulling of a baby-sitter, along with the scarcity of hours in a day, tended to create more stress than relaxation. My self-care has come in the form of small, daily moments ( with the occasional massage). Here is a list of my favorite self-care activities

1. A long, hot luxurious bath 

2. A cup of tea 

3. Slow Sunday mornings 

4. Music that calms my soul

5. Arriving early enough at the office to sit quietly and watch the river before seeing clients

6. Connecting with family in South-Africa at least once a week

7. Back rubs and heat bags

8. Removing technology from the bedroom

9. Slowing down to really appreciate how incredible it is to watch a little human being grow

10. Being mindful of really listening, really seeing and really taking in the experiences that make up my day

I know that this is just a chapter in my life, that one day my daughter will grow up and that I will be able to spend more time focusing on me. For now, for me, it’s the moments. It’s the reminders that time passes and that we don’t get to replay today. It’s about practicing gratitude admist the wonderful chaos.

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