The Science of Parenting . . .

Understanding brain development is critical in helping us to guide our child in developmentally appropriate ways. In ALL of our courses we teach an easy, simple to understand model of the brain. Once we understand how our child’s brain development impacts their ability to respond to the world. it literally changes EVERYTHING about the way we parent.

Do You Want To Learn More About Parenting That Fosters Neuro-growth?

Learn How To Foster Healthy Psychological Development In Children

At ICP we offer comprehensive courses dedicated to evidence-based children’s mental health education and parenting practices, with a focus on fostering long-term resiliency: all available to you in our membership program. All instructors are child psychologists with a specialty in the treatment of children, adolescents, and families; and work comprehensively with parents from all walks of life, regardless of the challenges they face.

**ACCREDITATION AVAILABLE WITH OUR MEMBERSHIP** “Certificate in Children’s Mental Health Fundamentals”

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