Trauma-Informed Yoga with Breathwork for Kids

Jennie Abbot, Yoga Specialist

Jennie Abbot is the Founder and Director of Harmony Kids Yoga & Mindfulness Company, the creator of YogaBREAK for Classrooms, Harmony at Home Kits, various Parenting and Educator Workshops and The My Peaceful Play Game for Kids. She is a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) and Registered Children’s Yoga Teacher (CYA-CYT) with the Canadian Yoga Alliance teaching over 10,000 children to date.

Jennie is the co-creator of the Harmony 95 Hour Registered Children’s Yoga Teacher Training Program through the International Yoga Alliance. Jennie’s offers Workshops for Parents and Educators in partnership with the Institute of Child Psychology. Jennie is also a Color Me Yoga Children’s Yoga Teacher Graduate, Rainbow Kids Yoga Certified Instructor, with Specialties in Yoga for the Special Needs, Safe Anatomy for Children and Trauma Informed Yoga for Children and Youth through Yoga Ed.

In addition, Jennie has taken Mindfulness Training through Dr. Dan Siegel, Author and Executive Director of the Mindsight Institute. Jennie has worked with children, families, government, non-profit organizations and educators for over 20 years sharing her passion of bringing happiness and peace into the lives of children through yoga and mindfulness.

In this short video you will see Jennie modeling some of breathing games she teaches children for emotion regulation. 

In this workshop you will learn how to identify types of trauma and the ways in which it can manifest itself in children. The course will outline a variety of trauma informed best practices for Caregivers, Educators and Healthcare Professionals. Participants will learn the many parallels between trauma sensitive yoga and trauma therapy for positively impacting children’s health and well being. Participants will learn how to offer children a variety of mindful self regulation practices to learn present moment awareness to reduce dysregulation caused by trauma. Together we will explore how to recognize and support students who become dysregulated during yoga or mindfulness practice. Participants will be confident and fully prepared to lead, by learning what to expect when sharing trauma informed yoga and breathwork for different ages and stages of childhood development.

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