Samantha Dover

M.C, Registered Psychologist; Grief Recovery Specialist

Samantha Dover, M.C. is a Registered Psychologist in Edmonton, AB. Before entering the psychotherapy field, Sam worked as a Director at the Zebra Child Protection Centre in which she supported children, youth, and families who had been affected by child abuse. Through her work there, Sam recognized the tremendous impact trauma and maltreatment can have on a developing child and how critical safe and caring adults are in that child’s healing. It was also through this work that Sam recognized the value in offering education on some of our more “sensitive” subjects. She believes knowledge provides power and sharing the latest research and best practices on topics that may be a bit uncomfortable allows us to have the information we need to make informed and healthy choices in our parenting or caregiving.

Sam currently works for a private practice in Sherwood Park, AB where she specializes in treating those suffering from traumas or losses. Sam is a certified grief recovery specialist and has training in a variety of other treatment modalities including, DBT, EMDR, theraplay, and play therapy. In addition to her clinical practice and webinars available through the Institute of Child Psychology, Sam is also an associate faculty member at City University of Seattle.

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